Detroit Catholic, the official online news source of the Archdiocese of Detroit, published a three-part series about how the archdiocese responds to, works to prevent and seeks to help victims of sexual abuse.

Independent review, lifelong monitoring of priests part of Archdiocese of Detroit’s response to abuse

"The function of the six-member board, as its name suggests, is to review any and all cases of alleged sexual abuse reported as having been committed by clergy or those in positions of authority in the local church, and to make recommendations to Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron regarding an accused priest or deacon’s fitness for ministry."

Safe environment programs, annual audits help archdiocese prevent abuse

"...while background checks are meant to keep abusers from entering church ministry, safe environment programs target the entire community, creating an army of individuals with the ability to spot dangerous or suspicious situations and to respond quickly and correctly."

For archdiocese’s victim assistance coordinator, helping survivors is a ministry of compassion

“It’s the hardest call that someone is going to make,” said Huggard, a licensed clinical social worker. “I want them to feel safe. I want them to know that I believe them. I want them to let me work with them as far as they are willing.”