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Training for Clergy, Employees, Volunteers and Children

Safe environment programs are in place to assist parents and children - and those who work with children - in preventing harm to young people. The following age-appropriate safe environment training programs are taught in the Archdiocese of Detroit:

For Adults: Protecting God’s Children
For children in grades 9-12: Called to Serve | Called to Protect | Circle of Grace
For children in grades K-8: Circle of Grace | Think First & Stay Safe!

Coverage from Detroit Catholic: Safe environment programs, annual audits help archdiocese prevent abuse


All paid Church personnel (clergy, religious and lay) and volunteers who have unsupervised contact with children, the elderly or persons with disabilities, are subject to criminal history background checks, whether they provide services to the Archdiocese, parishes, schools, early childhood centers, or other diocesan institutions.


Adopted by the Archdiocese of Detroit, the Pastoral and Employee Code of Conduct outline acceptable and unacceptable behaviors for all clergy, employees and volunteers and all are expected to adhere to the stated practices. All clergy and employees are to receive the Pastoral Code of Conduct. All volunteers are to be provided with the Volunteer Code of Conduct or Promise to Serve Teen Code of Conduct.